Audition Application Information


SPRING AUDITIONS February 25th, 2018

Dear Auditions Applicant:

The board and members of the Opera Buffs are pleased that you wish [have chosen] to sing for us in our Auditions Program. Note that all applicants must be currently resident in Southern California or currently studying in the area. Due to great demand by young artists to sing for us, we are obliged to maintain a maximum age limit of 32. Also, if you have auditioned for us previously, we ask that you wait a full year to audition again.

Since you may not be familiar with our organization or the purposes of our auditions, the information below may be helpful. The mission of The Opera Buffs Inc. is to provide paid performance opportunity and monetary grants to talented and promising young singers in Southern California. The auditions serve our mission in several ways.

The auditions provide young vocalists with the opportunity to perform operatic material in an auditions setting with a professional accompanist before a small but discriminating audience.

From the perspective of our organization, the auditions provide the opportunity to hear a wide range of promising voices so that we may assist talented young singers. In order to be eligible to apply for a financial grant and/or to be considered for participation in one of our future programs, singers must have been heard by our board members at an audition or in performance elsewhere.

At our auditions board members take notes and discuss the performances of the singers. In this way, the Scholarship Committee members maintain a record of their impressions and can make an informed decision, should a singer subsequently apply for a grant. Also, the Performers Showcase Committee members record and discuss their impressions and subsequently may invite one or more singers to perform at a future Opera Buffs concert, for which the singers will be paid.

Please note that the Opera Buffs Auditions Program is NOT a competition. We do NOT declare winners or award prizes.

Note also that we offer grants only to singers who have been heard by board members, either at our auditions or at other events. To be considered for a grant, a singer must complete an Opera Buffs online application, requesting a specific sum of money for a specific purpose.

We hope you find the Auditions Program a useful process and we thank you for your participation.

David Alan Gibb, President